The Museum’s History

M. Stiprais - 115

The entomologist and the museum’s specialist Mihails Stiprais (03.06.1905.–12.03.1990.) is one of the most remarkable personalities in the history of the museum and entomology in Latvia. As a result of his creativity visitors till today can admire butterfly specimens on a mirror glass.

The Museum of Riga Schools is established

The museum is established to provide educational support for schools and to collect and develop scientifically important collections. The founder of the Museum of Riga Schools and its long-term director Jānis Siliņš (1883–1960) was also the founder of the Latvian Naturalist Society (1923).

The Riga Naturalist Society and Museum is founded

Article 46 of the Statutes of the Riga Naturalist Society states: “A naturalist’s cabinet (museum) is so necessary that the Society's first task should be to establish one, properly install it, and make every effort to supplement it.”

The Himsel Museum is founded

Nicolaus von Himsel (1729 – 1764) was a Riga doctor, bibliophile and collector who was of Baltic German origin. He studied at Riga Dome School and studied medicine at the Universities of Königsberg and Göttingen. After finishing his studies, Himsel traveled across Europe collecting natural objects that augmented the collection he had inherited from his father, J. G. von Himsel, and his grandfather, Nicolaus Martini. After the death of N. fon Himsel, his mother gifted the collection to the city of Riga. In 1773 these collections were exhibited for public viewing in rooms at the Anatomy Theatre...