Mammals of Latvia

Exhibition "Mammals of Latvia"
Exhibition "Mammals of Latvia"
Photo - LMNH

The exhibition "Mammals of Latvia" displays most of the mammals found in Latvia – a total of 83 taxidermy mounts (49 species).  The exhibition "Mammals of Latvia" has been completely renovated as part of a Cohesion Fund project. Many of the animals are on protected animal lists for Latvia and Europe.

For the first time, visitors can get a good look at the golden jackal, a new species of mammal occurring in Latvia (first recorded in 2013), as well as Latvia's largest and smallest mammals – the elk and the Eurasian pygmy shrew, respectively. 

Visitors have the opportunity to see and compare side-by-side the summer and winter coats of various species: mountain hare, wolf, wild boar, golden jackal, least weasel, and stout.

The information is complemented by interactive games where you can learn more about mammal tracks and signs of gnawing, as well as identify the calls and sounds made by various animals.

The exhibition includes six orders of mammals: insectivores, bats, hares, rodents, carnivores and even-toed ungulates, whereas the carnivorous seals and the cetacean harbour porpoise can be found in the "Life in the Seas" exhibition. 

The new exhibition opened on 6 April 2022 (the previous one was created in 1977).

The exhibition was created with the financial support of the Cohesion Fund.