Venue hire

Event venues and presentation equipment is available for hire. 

Conference hall maximum capacity 60 persons (79,2 m2). 

Photo                          Plan

Classroom maximum capacity 30 persons (71,3 m2).  

Photo                         Plan

Classroom maximum capacity 25 persons (42,9 m2).

Photo                         Plan

Exhibition space (2nd floor) maximum capacity 80 persons (108,72 m2). 

Photo                         Plan

Exhibition space (1st floor) maximum capacity 40 persons (57,94 m2). 

Photo                         Plan

Permanent exhibitions – the maximum capacity varies in every exhibition hall.

For more information, please call +371 67356025 or e-mail
Please book the venue hire service at least 2–4 weeks in advance.

Venue minimal hire – 1 hour.

Venue hire pricelist