The World of Insects

Exhibition "The World of Insects"
Exhibition "The World of Insects"
Photo - LMNH

In this exhibition, visitors are introduced to the unique characteristics and abilities of insects and the different ways in which they develop and are structured. The insects featured are of the kind that live in the natural environment and in people’s homes, insect parasites that live on or in animals, and even domesticated insects, e.g. bees (Apis mellifera). Almost 1500 species of insects can be seen within the four rooms of the Entomology exhibition.

The showcase featuring the butterflies and moths of Latvia contains 220 species, many of them represented by both male and female specimens so that their differences in appearance can be compared. Colourful butterflies and moths of the world are displayed on a world map according to their geographic habitats. Mirrors at the base of the showcases make it possible to view the colouration of the butterflies and moths from all angles.

An entomologist’s work table has been set up in honour of the entomologists who have contributed to the development of science in Latvia.

The exhibition was created in 2004, and renewed in 2018.

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