Safe visit to the museum

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Publicity photo

The museum is open to visitors in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers regulation 360 "Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection". 

The museum is open for visitors in an epidemiologically safe environment: 

  • to adults with interoperable vaccination and/or Covid-19 recovery certificate;
  • children to 18 years old are not required to provide certificates or tests.

For epidemiologically safe visit please follow these rules:

  • The museum can be visited by individual visitors or members of one household.
  • During the visit, visitors must wear a facemask (except children under the age of 7 years and persons with obvious movement impairments or mental health disorders due to which the person lacks capacity or skills to use a mouth and nose cover);.
  • Group visits must be booked in advance. (Bookings for educational institution groups currently are not accepted.)
  • During the visit, a distance of 2 m from other visitors and staff must be kept, information in visual instructions and audio announcements, as well as instructions from the museum staff must be followed.
  • The museum does not provide services to people who do not comply with epidemiological safety requirements.
  • Please do not visit the museum if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, or if you must be in self-isolation, home quarantine or strict isolation. The museum has the right not to provide services to people with signs of respiratory infection.
  • Number of visitors is regulated according to the situation.
  • Please, if possible, use bank card at the ticket office and plan your visit according to the museum opening hours.

For further information, please click Visit.

To ensure visitor health and safety requirements some of interactive activities are temporarily closed.

The exhibitions "Mammals of Latvia”, "Animals of the Wold" and "Don't buy their lives (CITES)" are temporarily closed due to reconstruction funded by Cohesion fund.

Maximum number of visitors in the museum - 67. 

Contacts for questions regarding the museum visit:

67356058, 67356025, 67356053, 

Contacts for group bookings (Mondays–Fridays 9.00–17.30):

67356051, 26665406,67356039, 

You can reach us also in Facebook and Instagram.

We wish you a pleasant visit to the museum!