Family Saturday "Mysterious animal of the year 2020"

The Eurasian beaver
The Eurasian beaver
Photo - V. Skuja
Trees cut down by the Eurasian beaver
Trees cut down by the Eurasian beaver
Photo - V. Skuja
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Last Saturday of every month* is "Family Saturday". It is an event about specific subject for families with children aged 5–12. The event takes place in various exhibitions, and educational tasks are usually combined with creative activities. The subjects include fungi, bird migration, dinosaurs, ancient humans, volcanoes, insects, and many more. In every "Family Saturday" a task book (in Latvian or Russian) is provided.


The event is in Latvian, however, everyone is welcome to attend. 

Saturday, January 25 11.00–16.00.

Admission – museum entrance ticket (permanent exhibitions) + event ticket 2,00 € for family (only if task book in Latvian or Russian is obtained). 

Permanent exhibitions:
Adults – 3,00 €
Students – 2,00 €*
Seniors – 2,00 €*
Pupils – 1,00 €*
Family ticket (1-2 adults with 1-2 children under 18) 20 % off admission
* ID required (student card, senior card etc.)

By providing one of season's task books at the ticket desk, new task book is for free.